Part of groupexhibition 'Can I get a Witnesss' Februari/ March 2014, Momart, Amsterdam (NL)

Other Shadows Embrace Mountains

 This work is part of a Group Exhibition organised with 6 other artist. Okt./Nov. 2013. In the Großer Wasserspeicher in Berlin-Prenzlauerberg.

Cave Dwellers

Exhibition in the the former machine room of Stadtbad Steglitz, Berlin. August/September 2013


Part of groupexhibition Leerstellen at Galerie Axel Obiger, Berlin (DE). Feb/ March 2013. Sculpture (wood/ black canvas/ white thread) and A4-paper (laserprint, colour).

Prospects & Concepts

Part of the exhibition Prospects & Concepts, February 2013, Lantaarn Venster, Rotterdam (NL). Organized by Mondriaan Fund (NL)

Confetti Generation

Part of a publication called Confetti Generation published by Polly Picture Show. Seven photo-collages based on works of seven other participating artists. (Presented at Kunstvlaai Amsterdam (NL), friday 30.nov.2012)

Multiplicity 1 & 2

(inkjet prints on a4-paper) Part of the group-exhibition ´multiplicity´, August/ September 2011, and October 2012, 129gallery, Berlin (GR).

a common dialect

Work made with the artistgroup The Session, as part of the exhibition ´a common dialect´ at Marres, Maastricht (NL)

Die Heimat (Potsdam Camouflage)

(installation) Part of 'das Heimatfestival', Potsdam, june 2011


Part of art-tombola 'Hilfaktion für Japan', Japanese-German Center, Berlin, april 2011

Everybody is possible but nothing is real

'Untitled'  Part of an exhibition at Aeroplastics, Brussels (BE), March/April 2011

Salon d'Amsterdam

Groupsexposition at Saratimtrust, Rotterdam. March 2011. Part of Rotterdamse Museumnacht


Open Studios at Jan Tooropstraat 15, Amsterdam, 31-10-2010


Show in Outpost, Amsterdam, may/june 2010

The family show

Family show at outpost slotervaart, Amsterdam in March/ April 2010.


exhibition in SECONDroom, Antwerp Belgium. As part of the festival 'sugary photographs with tricks, poses and effects'. In march/ April 2010.

Brand new horizon

Landscape-installation at Oksasenkatu-gallery, Helsinki, in februari 2009. Gaze on exhibition from the outside through the with dots treated window. Change of horizon by changing stairs into stage/ lifting the window-sill. Two spraypainted parrots guarding the radiator. Yellow baloon with tape taking a random position on the galleries' floor.

Hoyerswerda Resicency

Exhibition as a part of a post-graduate residency in Hoyerswerda, Germany. August 2008.

Sunshinegallery (Basement & attic)

Endexam exhibition Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, june 2008. (basement (3th floor). Installation includes a lap-top computer with slide-show of several photo's taken of (banal) objects and situations from everyday-life which contain a certain sculptural quality. A cut-out photo of a orange spinning around and a clockradio playing 'fresh-fm' on a low volume are also included.
(stairs between the two exhibition-rooms)

House of god/ House of god revisited

Cardhouse made of false roof-plates. Stairs and a chair. Tubalar lightning. Cardhouse during the exhibition in different stages of being built. Exhibition 'Rietveld in de Kerk'. Oude Kerk , Amsterdam (NL) 2007
One year later: Repetition of the work shown at the exhibition a year before, on the same spot. Cardhouse made out of false roof plates, tubular lightning and a photo-image of a cardhouse put on the wall. Copy-pasted Oude Kerk , Amsterdam (NL) 2008

(Alles) (ist) ( )

greenlight assessment, december 2007, Vettestraat Amsterdam '(Alles) (ist) (...)' circles around the idea of every object having different hyrarchical importance. The installation has been put in a unenterable room with two glass walls. Some of the objects have little precise changes and deliberate alterations, and some are being put in a random, sloppy disorderly way. The installation includes a video with a image of the world spinning rapidly around. Because you look through double glass, you see two worlds half overlapping eachother.

The lucky travelers hotel

Videoimpression of exhibition 'The lucky travelers hotel' in Maastricht in november 2007

20 beams, 20 blocks