About my work

About my work:
I alter and document objects. I cut out photographs of objects, I scan them in, re-photograph, enlarge the photographs and present them as sculptures. I integrate them in three dimensional objects, sculptures and installations.
I investigate the physical relation a viewer has to an image or object. For example by blowing up a photo you can hold in your hand up to the measurements of a human body.
I change the hierarchical position of objects by changing the scale. The (artistic) value of photos and objects is reconsidered by combining them and by putting them in different contexts. This way banal objects become icons and vice versa.
I combine in my work the trivial and the mysterious. Everyday objects are what they are, but at the same time they have a symbolic value. They refer to other objects they are connected with because of similar characteristics. By repeating form and material I show unexpected connections between objects. I play with the associations an image recalls and I investigate the monumental qualities of everyday objects.
I use methods as photography and installation to unravel the visual language of for example advertisement or different landscapes, and develop a visual language. The photographed object becomes an object again (and represents its origin) when I show it as a sculpture or present the images in three dimensional collages. By making physical changes to photographs, I focus on the material of a print and question the illusion of space in a flat image.

The presentation of the work has started taking on such a big role, that it sometimes takes over the presented. The base (pedestal or wall) becomes the artwork itself, sometimes leaving the objects or its documentation superfluously behind.